Colleen Shannon


Most of my previous list is available in excerpt form at Amazon Kindle but feel free to copy, paste and forward these if you find them of interest.  Please note I'm not including excerpts for my first two Berkley books, nor have I posted them online to sell.  They're just too raw and would take a major revision for me to be happy with them.  My next four Berkley books I edited, taking out in some cases a thousand words, before I posted them.  The Dorchester books are all as I wrote them though my new style for the contemporaries is more spare and modern, probably thanks to all the scripts I wrote.   What can I say, I love the power of the written word...


Colleen Shannon

The Hawk's Lady

Midnight Rider

Surrender the Night

Golden Fires

Gentle Beast

The Steadfast Heart

The Prince of Kisses

The Wolf of Haskell Hall

The Trelayne Inheritance


Heaven's Rogue

Heaven's Hero

Heaven's Warrior

Foster Justice

Travis Justice